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  • TOKYO WAN AQUA-LINE EXPWY is fast and smooth way from Tokyo and Yokohama area.

  • EXPWY Cost for Haneda Airport IC to Kyonan-Hota IC is 2,540 yen by ETC discount. (Standard charge is 5,900 yen)  

  • From Haneda Airport : 60 min (70 Km) 

  • From Tokyo Station : 80 min (88 Km)

  • From Yokohama Station : 70 min (84 Km)

  • From Chiba Station :65 min (74 Km)


  • From Tokyo Station : 120 min (Cost : 1,980 yen)

    1. Sobu Rapid Line to Chiba Station​

    2. Uchibo Line to Hota Station

  • From Yokohama Station : 165 min (Cost : 2,310 yen)

    1. Yokosuka Line to Tokyo Station​

    2. Sobu Rapid Line to Chiba Station

    3. Uchibo Line to Hota Station

  • From Chiba Station : 90 min (Cost : 1,340 yen)

    1. Uchibo Line to Hota Station

* Take a taxi from Hota Station to MORIKAZE (15 min)

* Need to make a call to a local taxi company in Kyonan.


  • From Tokyo area : 90 min

    • Tokyo Station (Yaesu South)​ -> Hwy Oasis Furari (2,450 yen)

    • Shinjyuku Station (Shinjyuku Expwy Bus Terminal) -> Hwy Oasis Furari (2,450 yen)

  • From Yokohama area : 80 min​

    • Yokohama Station (East) -> Hwy Oasis Furari​ (2,400 yen)

  • From Chiba area : 60 min​

    • Chiba Station (Platform #21) -> Hwy Oasis Furari​​ (1,480 yen)

* Take a taxi from Furari to MORIKAZE​ (20 min)

* Need to make a call to a local taxi company around Furari.  

 # We highly recommend to use a car to access MORIKAZE because you will need it for local transportation while staying. (No Uber nor Lyft is available)

  • The local area around MORIKAZE is country side, so you can expect less traffic, wider road and larger parking space. No worries about the coin parking if you are just driving around MORIKAZE or in Kyonan Town. 

 # For travelers from outside of Japan, please check the following videos about how to rent and drive a car in Japan.

  • We recommend to get the ETC option when you rent a car. It will provide discounts on toll highways and being able to pass through the express lanes at toll gates on highways. (Some videos saying to use the normal lane, though.)  

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