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We are committed to protecting the health and well-being of our guests, staffs and the area community. We welcome you with a clean and safe environment for your stay at MORIKAZE by the following measures. Please note some sanitary measures are being implemented in consideration of the status of recommendations from the Japanese government.

8. 来館時の検温にご協力ください(非接触体温計).png
1. チェックイン時の問診票記入にご協力ください.png
6. 来館時のアルコール消毒にご協力ください.png
5. 施設利用時のマスク着用にご協力ください.png
2. 体調不良時はお申出ください.png
4. アルコール消毒液の配置.png
3. 手洗いの徹底.png
2. うがいの励行.png
6. 検温の実施.png
1. 接客スタッフのマスクの着用.png
7. 館内共用部の消毒の強化.png
5. 施設内換気の励行.png
12. ソーシャルディスタンシングの徹底.png
4. うがい手洗いにご協力お願いします.png
7. 間隔を空けてお並びください.png


■Our Preventive Measures

  1.  Staff who are uneasy about their physical condition such as having fever and cough are refrained to come to work.

  2.  When working in the property, we first measure the temperature and confirm that it is normal.

  3.  We wear masks not only when serving customers, but also during all working hours.

  4.  We wash our hands, gargle, and sterilize our hands before starting work, and we do it diligently during work.


■At the Propeerty

  1.  It is well ventilated.

  2.  We strive to disinfect and clean places that are often touched by everyone.

  3.  A sterilization gel is installed in the house.


■ Requests to Guests

  1.  If you have a fever or cough, please refrain from using the property.

  2.  Please wear a mask at checking-in.

  3.  Please sterilize your fingers and hands before entering the house.

  4.  Please cooperate with the temperature measurement with a non-contact thermometer at check-in.


* Please contact us in advance If you feel uneasy about your physical condition, if you are infected with a virus or if you have close contact with infection positives.

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