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At MORIKAZE Vacation Homes & Retreat, we do not provide meals. However, we believe that this freedom is a cornerstone of travel, offering guests a variety of culinary experiences tailored to their individual styles. We encourage you to create your own unique dining experiences during your stay.


Create Your Own Original Dishes with Fresh Chiba Ingredients

Using fresh seafood, meats, and vegetables purchased from local road stations and markets that emphasize local produce, you can enjoy cooking your own meals. Our kitchens are fully equipped with cooking utensils, allowing you to cook authentic dishes.

*Please see "Facility Details" page for further details.

Self-dining 02.JPG
Self-dining 03.JPG

Cookings by Our Guest

These pictures are cooking examples taken by our guests during their stays at MORIKAZE.

Please show us your cooking examples at your next stay at MORIKAZE!


Enjoy a glamping-style BBQ in a spacious setting


We provide BBQ grills free of charge*, so you can enjoy a barbecue in the garden. Relax in the open space overlooking the foothills of the Satoyama, and have a delightful time with family and friends.


*The BBQ grill is available by prior reservation only. Please contact us at prior to your accommodation. While we offer it free of charge, it is only available to guests who agree to clean and return it to its original place after use. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. Please note that guests are responsible for providing their own firewood, charcoal, and other consumables needed for BBQ.

Types of BBQ grills

Enjoy a wide variety of BBQ!


Fire Pit Grill

Suitable for seating BBQ around the grill for grilled meat, seafood, and foil-grilled vegetables.


Electric BBQ Grill

Being electric, it requires no fire starting. Suitable for cooking roast beef and bone-in chicken thighs etc. The cooking surface is small, about the size for two steaks.


American BBQ Grill

A grill capable of both direct and indirect cooking. Suitable for preparing dishes like smoked-flavored steaks and roast chicken.


Clay Grill

Traditional Japanese cooking utensil. Achieves high temperatures with a small amount of charcoal. Enjoy dishes such as yakitori, grilled fish, and grilled shellfish.

Where to buy grocery

Find locally sourced vegetables, fishes and meats.

ODOYA 01_edited.jpg

Odoya Kyonan

Has all groceries as well as daily necessities. Recommend to check locally sourced fresh seafoods.  

Open : 8:30 - 21:30



Be able to find locally produced and seasonal vegetables and fruits, and variety of locally made Japanese sake as well as local inshore fish. 

Open : 9:00 - 18:00

保田小 楽市 01.JPG

Kyonan Rakuichi

Be able to find locally produced and seasonal vegetables and fruits, and variety of locally made Japanese sake. 

Open : 9:00 - 17:00


​Minamiboso Fish Ctr

A fresh food market selling a variety of Boso's specialties, particularly fresh local fish and live shellfish. 

Open : 9:00 - 19:00

MUJIみんなみの里 03.JPG

MUJI Minnami-no-sato

Be able to find locally produced vegetables and fruits as well as dairy products with MUJI's general goods.  

Open : 9:00 - 18:00


Japan Meat Kimitsu

All fresh foods are handled with extensive lineup of meat. Conveniently located next to Joyful Honda to purchase charcoal and other items needed for BBQ.

Open : 9:00 - 19:00

Where to buy firewood and charcoal for BBQ

Here are local home centers around MORIKAZE.

KOMERI Hard & Green


KOMERI Hard & Green

Kamogawa Nagasa






On special occasions, how about arrangeing a private chef?


For celebrations such as anniversaries, birthdays and special events, you can enjoy gourmet cuisine prepared by a private chef. Indulge in a personalized course of your favorite dishes at your leisure.

*Private chef service is provided by "Otodoke Restaurant."


Chef Kitao


Offering a course that combines French cuisine with Japanese ingredients​


Sample Menu

French course featuring tender, bone-in spare ribs with seasonal ingredients 

5,500 yen

(including tax, for groups of 4 or more)


Chef Taguchi


Bringing professional flavors to your home: Former Three-Star Michelin Restaurant Chef

Sample Menu

Casual Course 


7,700 yen

(including tax, for groups of 2 or more)


Chef Iwasaka


Value the producers of local ingredient and develop original dishes, only being made in each region.

Sample Menu


Natural Italian Standard Course ​


9,900 yen

(including tax, for groups of 2 or more)


Chef Furuhata

Japanese / Sushi

Enjoy freshly made sushi with a variety of appetizers apprenticed in high-end Sushi restaurant in Tokyo.

Sample Menu


Seasonal Sushi Course ​


11,000 yen

(including tax, for groups of 5 or more)


Chef Chiba

Japanese / Sushi

Not just delicious, but has delivered emotion, surprise, and healing on dishes to over 500 events and parties.


Sample Menu


Sushi Course ​


13,200 yen

(including tax, for groups of 2 or more)


Private Chef is a service provided by Otodoke Ristorante.

Advance reservation is required.​

How to Make a Reservation

  1. Access the official website of Otodoke Ristorante.

  2. Visit the reservation link page of each chef listed above, or access the official page of 'Otodoke Ristorante' and choose your preferred chef by searching `鋸南町' or `館山市` in the field of Service Area of the Find a Chef page.

  3. Confirm the details and schedule on the chef's detail page. Once you have selected the chef you want, you can check the course and schedule from the chef's individual page. If your desired date is available, please mention that you want the chef to come to 'MORIKAZE Vacation Home & Retreat.'

  4. Receive menu proposals and confirmation. 'Otodoke Ristorante' will contact you and will check your requests if any, and the designated chef will propose a menu that suits you perfectly.

  5. On the day of service, the chef will handle everything from ingredient preparation to cleanup. Enjoy your special day.

Please contact to 'Otodoke Ristorante' if you have any questions about how to use the service. 

【Otodoke Ristrante Contact】

Tel: 0120-239-133

*Open10:00 - 18:00 (closed Sun and holidays)


Gourmet Journey Visiting Local Famous Restaurants

There are many local renowned restaurants nearby offering fresh seafood dishes and Chiba specialty cuisine. We would like to recommend several of our favorite dining spots.



A spacious and casual dining spot with a relaxed atmosphere. Enjoy seafood dishes such as sashimi made with locally caught fish. The menu changes based on seasons and availability of ingredients.


The Napoli Pizza specialty shop. Their stone oven is entirely handmade using Boso stones sourced locally from the local Mt Nokogiri with using firewood cuts from the mountains of Minamiboso as fuel. Enjoy a variety of pizzas, including classics like Margherita and Marinara, as well as new pizzas incorporating seasonal ingredients every month.


A cozy soba and udon noodle shop where you can enjoy the rustic mountain atmosphere. Recognizable by its mushroom sign, the interior is designed in a warm, cabin-like style with tatami and table seating available. In winter, the gentle warmth of a Daruma wood stove envelops the shop. Recommend to try a hot pot-style udon noodles.


A local fish restaurant run by a fresh fish store. Kinme is a popular dish. It is delicious either grilled or boiled. Other popular dishes include sashimi set menus and Tendon.



Satoyama Cuisine for Vegan. Enjoy dishes made with locally sourced fresh seasonal vegetables and seaweed, all 100% plant-based. They use organic ingredients wherever possible and traditional methods for seasoning, and rice is cooked in a clay pot using pesticide-free rice from local Awa area. Reservations are required. 


A popular local restaurant frequently featured in the media. Highly recommended dishes include Tonkatsu, as well as fried horse mackerel, and Tantanmen noodles. Evening dinner courses at private tatami seating room are available with advance reservation. Shuttle service from MORIKAZE can be arranged upon request.