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Capacity: 9 persons|Maximum of 9 persons including adults and children, 130 square meters in area

Double bed (queen size)*1, semi-double bed*2, Japanese-style futon*5


The large space with a ceiling height of 3.8m has a floor plan of 3LDK + small attic, and can accommodate up to 9 people. The three well-divided bedrooms provide a comfortable layout for mixed gender groups.

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Living Room

An approx. 28-square-meter floored living room has a three-person sofa, two one-person beaded sofas, two ottoman-like tables, an air conditioner, and a shelf cabinet.


Dining Kitchen

An approx. 26 square meter space with a full system kitchen is furnished with a dining table of 180cm*90cm. Two high chairs are placed on the counter facing the kitchen, and an air conditioner and TV are also installed.

ダイニング 01.jpg


Double (Queen) Room

An approx. 10 square meter room with one queen size bed. It is furnished with an air conditioner, a mirror, and a closet.


Twin Room

An approx. 18 square meter room is furnished with two semi-double size beds. It is equipped with a TV, a closet, a counter table, a mirror, and a sofa for one person. A set of Japanese-style futon can be laid on the floor.

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Japanese Tatami Room

This 9 tatami mat room can accommodate up to 4 sets of futons. It is furnished with an air conditioner, a shelf cabinet, and a sofa for one person.


Attic Room

Approximately 25 square meters of wooden floor space. It is air-conditioned and can accommodate 2 adults sleeping on a futon.

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Bath Room

Equipped with a large bathtub and shower. Provides a relaxing bathing experience. A toilet is also provided in a western style for a stress-free experience.

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