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Vacation Home & RETREAT


アンカー 1

Modernized 100+ years old traditional Japanese style vacation home
in the town of flower farming and fishery in Greater Tokyo Area.

Feel the forest breeze, meaning of "MORIKAZE." 

Stay at ourvacation home in Kyonan Chiba, just 90 min drive away from the centre of Tokyo.

Enjoy nature and relaxing atmosphere, and experience deeper and richer Japan.


Spacious vacation home with high ceilings, large windows, an open wood deck and a beautiful view of SATOYAMA, mountain foothills. Stay cool and warm with A/C in each bedroom and wind-down comfortably in the rooms.



Plan variety of styles for your meal while staying at MORIKAZE.

Discover and try locally produced foods and drinks which may be connected with learning and experiencing the local culture.


Experience to see, taste and feel the local scenery, art, foods and culture.

Check out the activities we recommend while staying at MORIKAZE.

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