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Mount Nokogiri

Mt. Nokogiri (altitude 330m) is seen as a steep ridge like a saw tooth, and has long been a landmark for ships entering Tokyo Bay. Since a ropeway and mountain climbing expressway (charged) are available in addition to walking, Mt. Nokogiri is a mountain that anyone can enjoy regardless of age or physical strength. Also, Mt. Nokogiri features a grand lookout point and is home to a temple complex containing one of Japan's largest Buddhas. Furthermore, it is a great photo spot as you can see Miura on the opposite bank across Tokyo Bay, Mt. Fuji and Izu Oshima island on a clear day.

Operator : DIY (Information is available at Nokogiriyama Ropeway)

Official site:

  • Availability : All Seasons​

  • Duration : 2.5 hours - 

  • Business Hours

    • Ropeway : 9:00 - 17:00 (Close 1 hour early in the winter time (11/16 - 2/15)

  • Access

    • Address : 4052-1 Kanaya Futtsu Shi, 299-1861 Chiba Prefecture

    • Various routes available to access the peak of the mountain or the famous tourist spots such as Hyaku-Shaku Kannon and Mirodor Jigoku Nozoki as follows.

      •  Ropeway

        • 20 minutes drive to get Nokogiriyama-Sanroku Station from MORIKAZE. 

        • Public parking space at Nokogiriyama-Sanroku Station is available by free

        • Take the ropeway up to the Peak Station.

        • Walk to the Hyaku-Shaku Kannnon and Mirodor Jigoku Nozoki as well as Nihon-ji Daibutsu from the Peak Station.

      • ​Car thru the mountain climbing expressway

        • 15 minutes drive to get the toll gate of Nokogiriyama Tozan Expwy

        • It will let you drive up to the gate of the Daibutsu in the Buddhist temple by 5 minutes.

        • The parking space at the area of the Daibutsu gate is available by free.

        • Buy a ticket to get thru the Daibutsu gate. (*KEEP THE TICKET. YOU WILL NEED TO SHOW THE TICKET AT THE WEST GATE) 

        • After looking at the Nihon-ji Daibutsu, come back to the car and drive up to another gate, called the West gate.

        • The parking space at the area of the West gate is available by free.   

        • Walk to the Hyaku-Shaku Kannnon and Mirodor Jigoku Nozoki from there. (*You will need to show the ticket to go thru the West gate.   

      • Walk​

        • 20 minutes drive to get the public parking space close to the walking entrance of Mt Nokogiri from MORIKAZE.

        • There are two routes to walk up the mountain, "Kanto Fureai No Michi" and "Sharikimichi." Choose either one of the routes and start walking as shown in Mt. Nokogiri Area Map.

  • What to bring

    • Wear easy-to-walk shoes (No sandals, no pumps, no high-heels)

    • Money for the admission fees for the Nihon-ji, the Nokogiriyama Ropeway and/or the Nokogiriyama Tozan Expressway

    • Towel and a bottle of water (especially in summer time) 

  • Charge

    • Ropeway

      • 500 yen / adult (age 12 or above) / oneway

      • 250 yen / child (age 6 - 11)  / oneway

    • Nokogiriyama Tozan Expwy​

      • 1,000​ yen / car

    • Nihon-ji ​Admission

      • 600 yen / adult (age 13 or above)​

      • 400 yen / child (age 4 - 12)

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