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Uchibo Beaches

Beaches, located in Uchibo area, are known as calm and widely shallow. These beaches are great for picnic, walking and ocean activities like kayaking and fishing. Also, there are some great photographic spots at these beaches. Each beach is within 30 minutes distance from MORIKAZE, and the following beaches are some of the Uchibo Beaches we recommend. 


Information (Contacts) :

  • ​Kyonan Town for Hota Central Beach and Kisugaura Beach.  

  • Minamiboso City Tourism Association for Iwai Beach, Toyooka Beach and Haraoka Beach.

Official site : 

Hota Central Beach

Hota Central Beach is the largest sandy beach in Kyonan. It is great place for kids to play. This beach is known as in the summer of 1889, Soseki Natsume, a Japanese novelist, visited and enjoyed swimming at this beach as written in his diary. 

Kisugaura Beach

Kisugaura Beach is a quiet beach near by Michi-no-Eki Kyonan. It is a calm and shallow beach coast with high transparent water. It is a great beach for walking and fishing.

Iwai Beach

Iwai beach is a coastline of an arcuate sandy beach of about 2km. It is known as a children's beach where small children can be play at this widely shallow beach.

Toyooka Beach

Located in the central part of the Toyooka coast. There is a promenade along the sea, so you can walk to the neighboring Namuya Beach. Enjoy both sandy beaches and rocky beach play..

Haraoka Beach

Haraoka Beach is said as a mecca for a sunset view. With a nostalgic wooden pier and Mt. Fuji, it is a great photographic spot especially in sunset time. The beach itself is calm and shallow with clear water. It is a great beach for family to play in a daytime.    

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