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Why Choose US

Thank you very much for considering MORIKAZE from many accommodation choices. When planning and booking a vacation, we know that finding the perfect accommodation is a very important part of the process. 

In order to support you to choose the best one for you, you may want to find out what points of the preference and purpose for accommodation you attach more importance to.    

We are working to organize the points for you to see if MORIKAZE is matching to your preference and purpose for accommodation for your next trip to Japan. 

  1. Type of Place to Stay

If you are planning to travel by a group of people or a large family (5 or more people), MORIKAZE may be a cost effective choice. It is a private housing type of accommodation so the total accommodating space should be much larger than a general hotel room. Also, complete privacy can be expected at MORIKAZE whereas there may be a chance that you are destructed by other accommodates in a hotel.


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Smooth traffic over Busy traffic

Smooth Car Transportation over Busy Public Transportation

Transportation : Rent-a-car over Public transportation

Atmosphere : Rural Relaxation over City Excitement

Travel purpose : Greater Tokyo Area over Centre of Tokyo

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